Fletchers Solicitors Takeover: “The future is firms that have the size to compete”

fletchers solicitors takeover

Fletchers Solicitors was recently taken over by a private equity house, Sun European Partners, who have plans to transform the law firm into a major consumer practice. Fletchers Solicitors currently employs 500 members of staff and specialises in handling serious injury, medical negligence and road traffic accident matters. They have also recently expanded beyond personal injury claims into data breach and diesel emission claims.

Consolidation of the legal market

Following the sale of the firm, Rob Fletcher, the founder of Fletchers Solicitors discussed the fact that consolidation of the market is accelerating rapidly with larger firms taking a greater share of the market. He explained that the main reason he agreed to the sale to Sun was because they had expressed plans to expand the firm rather than break it up.

He highlighted the fact that there has been a huge uplift in activity within the legal market with a lot of mergers and acquisitions taking place stating:-

“There are a lot of acquisitions going on in our industry at the moment as people realise that the future is firms that have the size to compete.”

Fletcher further stated that, although the firm is one of the largest clinical negligence firms, their share of the market is still in single digits.

Sun capital has also confirmed that they plan on investing in technology “to make sure we are processing cases as efficiently as possible.” The company now plans to expand both organically and through acquisition.

The future of the legal market

It is clear that the legal market is set to become very interesting. Recovery First have witnessed a huge increase in the number of firms being proactive and strategically managing their own exit from specific areas. Many firms have reflected over the past 12 months and sought advice from their professional advisers, given that exiting a market is something they are likely to only do once, and come up with a very clear plan. The result of positive early action being some great outcomes.

How can Recovery First assist?

If you are considering your options following the recent changes in the legal market, feel free to get in touch with Recovery First to discuss the best plan going forward.

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